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How the iSense® 2 Sensor Faucet works?


1. Cleaning the faucet?

The completely touch free faucet requires very little maintenance. Wipe surfaces clean with a soft, damp sponge or cloth. Never use cleaning chemicals or abrasive material such as a brush, abrasive sponge or scouring pad to clean faucet surfaces or sensors.


2. Cleaning water supply strainer

Water flow may decrease in volume over time as a result of debris trapped by the water supply strainers.

To clear the two strainers (located on the water supply adapter):
- Shut off cold and hot water supply valves.
- Disconnect the 3/8" x 1/2" adapter housings.
- Flush the strainers with water until clear of debris.
- Reinstall the strainer and connect adapter housing.
- Turn on cold and hot shut valve and check any leakage.


3. Resetting the system

Should the system ever malfunction, it may be necessary to perform a reset or reboot.

To reset/reboot:
To reset/reboot:
- Disconnect the battery power wire.
- Wait for 10 seconds to clear the memory.
- Reconnect the battery wire.
The system will be reset.


4. Low battery voltage alert

The visible LED will flash yellow when the power voltage of the 4 AA backup battery is low. Replace the 4 AA batteries.

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