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iSense® - Touch free Intelligent Faucets
For Kitchen, Lavatory, and Commercial

Company Profile

Cinaton® is a newly established company founded by the iSense® Touch-free Automatic Faucet inventor.

This innovative and advanced TIF® Touch-free Intelligent Faucet technology is for both commercial and residential applications.

Our vision encompasses an approach to personal hygine and industrial water delivery applications that provides water conservation towards a clean and green environment.

iSense® technology combined with elegant, modern designs will complement any kitchen and bathroom and are easily adapted to commercial and industrial automatic faucet applications.

Cinaton Inc.

14014 Gannet Street.
Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670

Tel: (562) 921-8009      Fax: (562) 921-0688
Toll Free: (855) 348-8080

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