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iSense® - Touch free Intelligent Faucets
For Kitchen, Lavatory, and Commercial
iSense® 5 Sensor Faucet

Touch Free Intelligent 5 Sensor Faucet

  1. Innovative & intelligent iSense® - touch free technology provides an easy to use, convenient and unique faucet experience.

  2. Simple, Clean, Stylish Design - no handle or lever to prevent cross contamination.

  3. Beyond your expectations - 5 infrared sensors performs 13 functions to make everyday tasks easier.

  4. Full water temperature and water flow control without touching the faucet.

  5. Three user-defined Presets to save water temperature and flow settings for personal convenience.

  6. Maximum temperature setting for ADA compliance. No scalding risk for any age (children, elderly and disabled).

  7. Includes Digital Controller. Cold and hot water supply hoses.

  8. 120/240 AC DC 6 volt adapter included.

  9. 4 AA Backup battery for continuous use during electric power outage.

  10. Single hole mount for less counter clutter and easy operation.

  11. Solid brass construction for durability.

  12. PVD coating features an easy-to-clean surface which is more durable and resistant to corrosion (Not available in all models).

Touch Free 5 Sensor Faucet Application