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iSense® - Touch free Intelligent Faucets
For Kitchen, Lavatory, and Commercial
iSense® 2 Sensor Faucet

Touch Free 2 Sensor Faucet

  1. Innovative & intelligent iSense® - touch free technology provides an easy to use, convenient and unique faucet experience.

  2. Simple, Clean, Stylish Design - two touch free infrared sensors reduces the exposure to bacteria and for convenience.

  3. Comfortable water temperature adjustment.

  4. A sensor to activate continuous water flow.

  5. Center Easy Sensor pause (disable) function for cleaning in the sink area.

  6. Complies with Americans Disabilities Act (ADA) specifications.

  7. Single hole mount for less counter clutter and easy operation.

  8. Solid brass construction for durability.

  9. 120/240 AC DC 6 volt adapter included.

  10. 4 AA Backup battery for continuous use during electric power outage.

Touch Free 2 Sensor Faucet Application