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How the iSense® 2 Sensor Faucet works?

Sunlight Interference

1. How IR sensor works?

IR sensors use infrared (IR) light to sense nearby objects. A pulse of infrared light is emitted and spreads out in a cone shape for a short distance. If an object is within the cone.s area, then IR light will be reflected and received by IR detector activating the sensor function.


2. Keep sensor.s surrounding area clear

Some objects such as mirrors or bottles with smooth shinny surfaces can reflect infrared light from farther away and cause false activation.


3. Sunlight interference

Sunlight or flames also present a problem as they emit a lot of IR light and thus interfere with IR sensor providing false readings.


4. How to stop false activation

The longer sensing distance of Sensor C (Easy Sensor) is the sensor most likely to be activated by direct sunlight in sink area especially in morning sun or sunset light. You can pause (disable) Sensor C by sensing sensor A with water off. (LED flashes green and red)

Should water flow be activated by sun light on Sensor C, water flow can be stopped by holding your finger in front of Sensor A for 4 seconds to stop water flow and pause (disable) Sensor C.


5. How to reset (enable) Sensor C (Easy Sensor)

Hold finger in front of Sensor A to reset (enable) Sensor C (Easy Sensor). Water will flow and stop after 4 seconds.

LED - Flashes red two times.

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