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iSense® 2 Sensor Faucet Installation Manual

Model - 4001 / 4002
Install faucet spout on counter top

1. Install faucet spout
Insert the DC power supply cable(42), cold water supply hose(81), hot water supply hose(83) and faucet mounting rod(13) through the mounting hole of counter top.


Set the top spout at the center of sink.


3. Install mounting bracket
Install the rubber washer(14) and mounting bracket (16) into the mounting rod(13) of faucet spout from the bottom of counter top.


Tight the mounting socket(17) on the mountng rod(13) with wrench.


5. Install water supply hoses
Connect the 3/8" x 1/2" adapter with check valve housing(85) includes a check valve(86) (pre-installed in the adapter) an strainer(87) on a 1/2" hot or cold water supply shut off valve(82). Install the attached 1/2" x 3/8" adapter(88) with 3/8. washer(89) if the shut off valve connecting thread is 3/8".

e sure to install the check valve(86) and strainer(87) to prevent hot/cold water flow crossover.


Connect the 3/8" water inlet supply hose (81) to the 3/8" x 1/2" adapter with check valve housing(85).

  1. Installation Manual - 2 Sensor

  2. iSense faucet parts

  3. Install faucet spout on counter top

  4. Install and water supply hoses and battery box

  5. Completed iSense System

  6. User Manual PDF
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