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Advancing technologies bring electronic faucets to the forefront of kitchen and bath trends

Featuring five infrared sensors and 13 functions, the K2002 electronic kitchen faucet is free of handles and buttons; users can turn water on and off, adjust temperature, and change flow all without touching the unit. The contemporary-style, solid-brass unit comes in polished or brushed nickel.

Along with convenience, much of the acceptance in the residential market is a result of performance enhancements, such as sensors that are more responsive to hands yet also less likely to turn on in error. "The technology of the sensors has greatly improved. The reliability has improved," confirms Patrick Vance, marketing manager for Cinaton.

Options abound, as well. Some faucets include features to disable sensing technology for cleaning and indicators for low batteries and maintenance. Cinaton's K2002 includes multiple sensors. one to turn it on, another for hands-free adjustment of temperature, and another for hands-free flow adjustment-helping to avoid all manual contact.

Also driving popularity is the growing number of style and finish selections. With both contemporary and traditional offerings, homeowners no longer have to sacrifice taste preferences.and don't have to settle for anything reminiscent of an airport bathroom.

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