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Introduced at KBIS 2011 in Las Vegas, Cinaton's faucets, for both the kitchen and bathroom, were well-received. "Our kitchen and bathroom faucets have the same function designs - completely touchless with no handle," says Sherry Ling, sales manager for Cinaton. The company's iSense technology allows the user to wave his hand over five proximity sensors that perform up to 13 combined functions for full water temperature and flow control, and to save the user's favorite settings.

With no handle, there are two ways to turn the faucet on and off. The first is the Easy Sensor (sensor C) activation zone at the base. The water will turn on when a user's hands or an object is placed up to 8-in. in front of the sensor. It will turn off when the object is away from the activation zone. The second is the two sensors on the right side of the faucet (sensors A and B). By placing a hand over sensors A and B, the water will turn on and continue to run until it is turned off again. A five-min. safety shutoff feature ensures water will not run continuously if accidently left unattended.

The faucets also feature a pause function.

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